Life Friendly Residency - Penny Skerrett

Sewing and Pondering - Life Friendly project by Penny Skerrett

 24th, 26th and 27th April 

"I made a decision to overhaul my life, to live in a more ‘life friendly’ way. I moved to a smaller house, one with a garden. When my car died I didn’t replace it, I stopped flying. I then decided to stop shopping for a year. This broadly speaking meant not buying any clothes or unnecessary things just food and essentials. It was surprisingly easy.

After the year was up I resumed shopping and found it surprisingly hard. I was out of the habit. I felt overwhelmed by the quantity and choices available to me. By taking some time out I had become resensitized to such things.

I am now acutely aware of the choices I make as a consumer. Sometimes I make what feel like the right ones, sometimes I feel uneasy. I don’t always know the providence of garments and sometimes I forget to care.

For the Life Friendly residency I will be setting up a sewing workstation.  From there I will reflect upon my wardrobe and the choices I have made and dilemmas I have faced as a reluctant consumer.

I will sew and ponder letting my thoughts slip onto the garments." 

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