Life Friendly Residency - James Brady

James Brady - Life Friendly Residency Project

Library of Changes

Fri 27 Apr (1pm - 5pm)  Sat 28 Apr (11am - 4pm)
Tue 1 May (11am - 4pm)  Sat 5 May (11am - 3pm)

Welcoming all visitors, the Library of Changes will be a unique and ephemeral curation of two libraries: the Chinese Arts Centre Library and the Curator's Gaia Library. Both collections have distinct characteristics and this intervention will unite both. Gaia Library is an ever-growing, peripatetic collection of books - some donated, some found, some purchased, some exchanged - subjects included are broadly ecology, art, and philosophy. This library was conceived some years ago with the context of Climate Change in mind and is manifest of books written in English and predominantly from a Western world perspective. Its new unity with Chinese Arts Centre's collection of books primarily on Chinese arts and culture, will create a new dialogue of knowledges and the mindful sharing of those knowledges with its users.

Visitors are invited to explore the Library of Changes in the special Reading Chamber: a peaceful and intimate space, located in the heavenly heights of the building. The Curator will be periodically present to give guidance on the collection and provide contemplative conversation to visitors, where appropriate. At the core of the Reading Chamber will be the ancient, mystical text of the I Ching (book of changes) and visitors will be invited to personally consult the Oracle and have a reading facilitated by the Curator. Integral to this experience visitors will also be welcomed to participate in the creation of a series of communal shi (poems) generated through their own special selection of titles from the Library. The shi will be written on scrolls in three of the world's most prevalent languages, Chinese, English and Spanish, and then exhibited in the main residency gallery space. These poems will provide a creative and metaphorical index to the Library of Changes and offer a new way of engaging with the knowledges embodied within.
During the Life Friendly residency the Curator will invite the Chinese Arts Centre staff to select books of their choice from Gaia Library. The titles selected will then be offered by the Curator as a long-term loan to the Chinese Arts Centre Library, by way of a small legacy.

For this project James will be assisted by fellow Life Friendly member, David Haley.

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